Previous Events

Please review the previous events held by The UCF Metro Center, for more information click on the event.

Confronting Homelessness

With a lack of shelter space plaguing Central Florida’s homeless, how could government, nonprofits and individuals work together to help?

Conversations About the Future: Spotlight on Politics

Join us for a panel discussion of politics in the Sunshine State.

Conversations About the Future: Building a Better Sports Town

As the sports world turned its attention to Orlando for the NBA All-Star game, our panel discussed making Central Florida a better destination for sports. What are the economic ramifications?

Conversations About the Future: The Jobs Challenge

Uncertainty keeps holding back Central Florida’s job market. How do we get our economy moving again? Join us for Conversations About the Future: The Jobs Challenge.

Conversations About the Future: Education Reform

Charter Schools, merit pay, accountability, choice, testing–Education reform, what have we accomplished in the last decade? Are we doing the best we can for our children? What is best?

Conversations About the Future: Beyond the Shuttle

The launch of Atlantis marked the end of the space shuttle program. What happens next-with NASA-with the space industry? This forum discusses Florida's potential for new activity.

Emerging Industries

We hear a lot of talk about redefining and rethinking the way we do business in America. This forum discusses emerging industries and how they can accelerate Central Florida's future.

Building the Future

What is the regional strategy needed for building the future?  What are our opportunities and challenges?  What lesson can be learned from other emergent markets?